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Who is eligible to apply for a Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card? 
At the moment anyone is eligible.

Is there a loyalty program for businesses?
The loyalty program for businesses will be launched at a later date. Look out for the announcement to ensure you sign up then!

I signed up today for my Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card, when will I get it?
Your card will be available for your collection within six weeks of receipt of your application, at the location you dropped off your registration form. You will be advised when your card is ready for collection. You will require ID for collection.

Can someone else collect my Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card for me?
Yes, they just need to have a letter of authorization from you and a copy of the ID you used to register.

What do I need to do to earn Ramish & Leela Value Discount points?
All you need to do is to present your Ramish & Leela Value DiscountCard to the cashier when you shop at any one of our locations.

How much do I need to spend to get a Ramish & Leela Value Discount point?
One Ramish & Leela point is earned for every qualifying $10 spent, except for items under our category (cigarettes, alcohol etc) which will earn one Ramish & Leela point for every qualifying $20 spent.

Can I have a joint card with someone?
Yes you can! Members of your immediate family living in the same household or wards can be secondary card holders. When applying, the primary card holder must complete and sign the bottom section of the form authorizing a secondary card holder on their account.

Can both of us earn and redeem points?
Both can earn but only the primary card holder is set as a redeemer. One form of ID must be shown to redeem. All points earned accumulate in the primary card holders account.

Where can I earn and redeem points?
At any Ramish & Leela Supermarket Branch.

How can I earn bonus points and double points?
Ramish & Leela Supermarket will run special promotions during the year, for example, double points on a Wednesday etc.

How soon can I use my points after I earn them?
Your points from all your purchases at any Ramish & Leela branch will be available to you within 24 hours and are redeemable only in blocks of 500 points.

Do I need a minimum number of points before I can redeem?
Yes. You must have at least 500 points in order to redeem.

Is there a ceiling for my points, do I have to redeem when I reach a certain amount ?
No, you can earn as much points as you want.

Do I have to present my Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card when redeeming points?
Yes you must present your Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card to get the number of your account. You also need to show ID so we can ensure you are the person redeeming your points.

If my Card is lost or stolen can someone else redeem my points?
To redeem points, ID must be shown to verify the redeemer is the card holder.

If my Card is lost or stolen how do I get a new one and is there a cost?
There is a five ($5) dollar fee to replace a lost or stolen card. If this happens immediately contact one of our Card Representatives in-store and they will assist you.

Where can I view my points balance?
Your points tally will be available for viewing on all Ramish & Leela Stores receipts, or you can view your points online at this website.

When do the Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card points expire?
Points expire by March 31st of the following year.

What is the fee for the Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card?
There is no fee.

Can I get a discount and get points on the same purchase?
Cardholders who get discounts will receive points based on the qualifying value of the purchase.

Who can be contacted for more information?
Any Ramish & Leela Value Discount Card Representative at any of our locations.


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